Flash Shanny SN600S Speedlite
  • Flash Shanny SN600S Speedlite
  • Flash Shanny SN600S Speedlite

Flash Shanny SN600S Speedlite

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tặng kèm omni bounce
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SN600S Speedlite


The currently available Shanny SN600S Speedlite are a slightly unusual model. Being a single firing pin flash, they can only operate as a basic manual flash when used directly on a camera hotshoe -


Shanny SN600S

The SN600S are designed primarily as an off-camera slave flash option though, and they are compatible with both the Canon and Nikon Optic Wireless Systems (in the one flash unit).

Used as a slave to these Optic Wireless Systems the SN600S then provide full TTL, Remote Manual Power Control, HSS (High Speed Sync) to 1/8000s, and all the functions available with the Canon / Nikon Optic Wireless Systems.

This is very similar in function to YongNuo’s YN-560EX, which are likely YongNuo’s least know about flash model. Though the SN600S also have the advantage of an External Battery Port which the YN-560EX do not have.


Shanny SN600S


Features -

  • Flash index: GN60 (ISO100, 200 mm)
  • HSS (High Speed Sync): Supports 1/8000s
  • Canon & Nikon Optic Wireless Slave – ETTL / I- TTL, Manual, Multi.
  • Supports Multiple Flash Groups (A, B, C)
  • Supports Optional External Shanny Radio Slave for Canon.
  • SN1, SN2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Flash Zoom: 20-200mm (& 14mm Wide Angle diffuser)
  • FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation) +/- 3 stops, 1/3rd Stop Increments.
  • FEB, FEL.
  • Second Curtain Sync (with Nikon)
  • Modelling Flash
  • Manual Flash: 1/128-1/128 Power (1/3rd Stop Increments, 22 Levels)
  • Multi Flash Mode: 1-199 HZ
  • Optic Wireless Flash Distance: indoor 20 ~ 30 meters, outdoor 10 ~ 15m
  • Optic Wireless Channels CH1 ~ CH4
  • Recycle Time Less than 3 Seconds, Rapid Recycle Less Than 2 Seconds
  • PC Sync Port, External Power Supply Port, USB Port
  • Sound Prompt Function
  • Overheat Protection
  • Power Saving Function
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Screen
  • C.Fn Custom Functions
  • Size: About 79.7 (width) x 142.9 (high) x 125.4 mm (deep)
  • Weight: 410 g (not including battery)


Optional Radio Receivers -

Where the Shanny flash system starts to get interesting though (and also confusing at this stage), is with the coming flash range, and optional external 2.4GHz radio trigger system.

The current SN600S flash, and a number of the coming flash models, will support the coming clip on compact radio receivers shown below.


Shanny SN600S


These coming radio receivers simply clip into a basic 2.5mm miniphone port on the side of the flashes.

And although this is a basic connection, the receivers (as far as we understand) will still support full ETTL, HSS, and all the functions usually found in the Canon Optic Wireless System (not the Nikon system this time though).


Shanny SN600S


So this very much appears to be similar to the Radiopopper Px triggers, which simply transfer the Canon Optic Wireless system into a radio transmission, and then back to optic again at the flash.

The difference is the Shanny triggers appear to bypass the less reliable optic signals altogether, and use an electrical connection at the flash end for that instead.

So this initial version of the Shanny radio system will very likely only support the functions currently available in the Canon Optic Wireless system. Which may mean limitations like TTL and Remote Manual groups not being able to be mixed.

Its really not clear at this stage though what options Shanny are actually proposing for the transmitter units to this system.










Four-wheel drive auxiliary lamp of choice for high-speed synchronous 

*  Support from the machine 1 / 8000s TTL flash sync speed

Supports high-speed 1 / 8000s, the integration of wireless TTL flash large index, the highest price in the industry to achieve high-speed synchronous deputy lamp.

* GN60 , the first truly large index flash

GN60 @ ISO100, 200mm ; efficient use of energy, high-output flash.

*  Compatible C home ETTL, N home CLS wireless flash system

Wireless flash shooting, SN600S compatible 600EX-RT / 600EX / 580EX II, SB-910/900/800/700, 7D / 60D / 650D / 600D the flash, the camera flash C N home instruction, and so the optical transmission signal.

*  High-speed synchronous four-wheel drive from the machine

family, C family of optical transmission signal trigger, SN1, SN2 lead flashing light mode, can achieve high-speed sync flash 8000.

*  Advanced TTL flash shooting

Support exposure compensation, bracketing, exposure lock, high-speed sync, flash and other imaging aperture preview.

*  Support curtain sync

TTL and Nikon models from the machine top, can support curtain sync flash.

*  High-speed Recycling System

Recycle time full light output is less than about 3 seconds, fast flash recycling time is less than two seconds.

*  Firmware upgrade system

Nepal flash firmware upgrade system to select the firmware upgrade to provide you with convenient.

*  fuselage external interface complete

With a firmware upgrade interface, PC synchronization interface, external power connector.

* C.Fn custom function

You can use the custom features according to your shooting preferences custom flash function.

*  with voice prompts, power-saving features, overheat protection system

Send holder * 1    * 1 send diffuser  / pro photographed together before sending oh. Photographed and then contact the customer to modify the price can be.



















                 Optical pulse Wireless Flash






-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------


    High-speed sync "four-wheel drive."

  From the machine four modes support high-speed synchronous8000



-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------



-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ -

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