Godox SL-200W 200WS LCD Panel LED Video Light Wireless Control

Godox SL-200W 200WS LCD Panel LED Video Light Wireless Control

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SL Series Video Light offers high light brightness and color redering index with powerful LED beads. It creates stable light resource and even illumination for video recording, photojournalistic and wedding shooting, etc.
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Godox SL-200W 200W 5600K Studio LED Continuous Photo Video Light Lamp w/ Remote

The Godox Professional SL-200W Continuous LED light head is 200W light source that offers even illumination for all your photography and videography needs.

The SL-200W features 95 CRI+ , with a powerful output of 12000 LUX at 1 metre (100% output). Featuring high speed start and restart, guaranteed no flicker and over 100,000 hours of service life. The Godox SL-200W features a Bowens S type, 3 point mounting system – allowing you to use a large variety of light modifiers including soft boxes, reflectorsbeauty dishes, softballs, grids and more.


It also includes an umbrella mount. It can also offers a wireless adjustable light brightness via wireless 433MHz 6 group & channel system. With temperature control function technology, it prevents overheating, fantastic for those long shoots.




- 100W LED bulbs guarantee high light brightness
- The color rendering index is over 90 and R9 is over 50, presenting the objects authentically
- Wirelessly adjust light brightness 
- Wireless 433MHz grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels)
- Large-sized LCD panel. Settings auto saved. 
- With temperature indication function (Celsius and Fahrenheit) 
- With specialized protect cover to protect the LED bead.
- With red copper heatsink and built–in fan to prevent overheating.




Using the Video Light
- Connect the light with AC power jack.
- Press the ON/OFF Power Switch, the video light begins to giving out light.
- LCD panel shows the information.


Light Brightness Adjustment
- Turn the select dial to adjust the light brightness.
- The light brightness adjustable range is at 10%~100%.


Temperature Indication
- This video light checks its temperature at any time to avoid dangerous situations.  will auto power off when the temperature is too high.
- Press the SET button for 2 seconds and the temperature can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.






Video Light

- Model: SL-200W
- AC Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
- Channel: 16 Channels
- Group: 6 Groups (A,B,C,D,E,F)
- Max. Power: 200W
- Colour Temperature: 5600±300K
- 100% illuminance(LUX):12000(1m)
- 100% Luminous Flux: 20000
- Color Rendering Index: Over 95
- R9: Over 70
- Light Brightness Range: 10%~100%
- Operation Temperature: -10~50℃
- Safe Temperature: <70℃
- Dimension: 390x230x130mm(Not included the Lamp Cover)
- Net Weight: Approx. 3.16kg


Remote Control

- Model: RC-A5

- Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
- Distance(emptiness): 20m
- Channel: 16
- Group: 6 Groups (A, B, C, D, E, F)
- Standby Time: Over one year
- Operation Temperature: -10~50°C
- Dimension: 120mm*38mm*15mm 
- Net weight: 30g




- 1 x Godox SL-200W Studio Video Light

- 1 x Remote Control

- 1 x Standard reflector

- 1 x Lamp Cover

- 1 x Power cord

- 1 x User manual

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