Pixel TR-332 Flash Gun Wireless Trigger Canon E-TTL II
  • Pixel TR-332 Flash Gun Wireless Trigger Canon E-TTL II
  • Pixel TR-332 Flash Gun Wireless Trigger Canon E-TTL II
  • Pixel TR-332 Flash Gun Wireless Trigger Canon E-TTL II

Pixel TR-332 Flash Gun Wireless Trigger Canon E-TTL II

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1. Support Canon E-TTL. 2. Up to 3 difference group and 7 combination on the flash transceiver. 3. Support EOS E-TTL II. 4. When using the EOS EX II series flash, you can set difference setting on difference group, available to set 1/1~1/128 flash output, totally 23 difference levels. 5. When using EOS EX II series flash, you can adjust the flash exposure compensation from camera. 6. Support all the shutter speed, sync speed up to 1/8000s;using the PC socket control the studio ight which also support 1/8000s sync speed. 7. Multi control the speedlite or studio light.
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 Synchronize multiple flashes at once
· Compatible flash auto-focus feature

· FSK 2.4GHz wireless, 15 channels

· Effective operation distance up to 80M

· Support E-TTL, E-TTL II, FP and variety modes

· Shutter speeds max up to 1/8000s

· Support up to 5 group set

· PC socket - control the lights and other brands flash with PC interface

· LCD display the channels and mode

· Low battery indication

· TX and RX also powered by 1x CR2, Runtime TX-1000hrs, RX-500hrs

· Size : TX-38x63x31mm, RX-38x66x26mm

· Weight TX 45g, RX 50g


TR-332 TX compatible with:

· Canon DSLR - 1D series, 5D series, 7D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 45D, 550D, 1000D...


TR-332 RX compatible with:

· Canon EOS Flash - 580EX/II, 430EX/II, 270EX, 220EX...

Package Includes (with original box packaging):

· TR-332 TX Transmitter x1

· TR-332 RX Receiver x1 (additional receiver available for order)

· CR2 Lithium battery x2

· PC - 3.5mm cable x1

· PC - 6.3mm cable x1

· Receiver Mount (with adhesive tape, for studio light) x1

· Receiver Hot shoe cover x1

· Operation Manual (English) x1

Video sản phẩm

Pixel Knight TR-332 Review (14:21)
I purchased a set of the Pixel Enterprises Knight TR-332 TTL for Canon wireless flash triggers from Gadget Infinity the other day. I thought there was a chance they'd work on my 20D, and maybe even a chance it would be the one thing to fire my Sunpak Digiflash2800 E-TTL II flash. Shot a quick video after I learned of some really interesting stuff with these units. El-cheapo High speed sync, anyone? :DExample photos are at the end.Example photo notes (or, things I was too lazy to edit in with iMovie):Binders:full powerWhite wall (standing about three feet from a wall, camera and flash handheld directly in front of me):full power, note bandingsame settings, no bandingfull power, no banding,full power no bandingfull power, banding,full power, no bandingfull power, no bandingFloor/blinds:full power, no banding (note how much the flash evens out the blinds shadows from the sun)Island counter:flash offfull power, no banding1/8th power, reverse banding (flash registers at bottom of frame, top majority is ambient light)1/4 power, reverse banding1/2 power, reverse bandingRocks/grass:full power outsideYard:full power outsideflash offJeep tire:flash offfull powerRocks/sidewalk:flash offfull powerGrass:full powerRocks:full powerflash offfull powerAlso: Sorry about the horrible music volume issues. iMovie started frustrating me with its lack of decent volume control.Edit: Last night I tried this trigger with the same Sunpak flash on a friend's 50D. NONE of the issues that I could test in the few minutes I had could be reproduced on the 50D. There was no reverse banding when setting the flash at less than 1/1 power, and even at 1/8000th there was no intermittent banding. Then again, maybe I didn't fire off enough test shots to accurately tell. But so far, it seems that it definitely DOES work on newer cameras with a DIGIC III chipset and higher.Update:Oh, I recently upgraded from the 20D to the 7D, and therefore can finally use my Knight TR-332 triggers. I dragged a buddy out into the hot sun one day, and did some pseudo-HSS tests, which you can take a look at here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/tf5_bassist/sets/72157627215594969/All of these are somewhere between i believe 1/400 and 1/8000. I don't have the EXIF'd versions with me, they'll be added soon.

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