Mini Master Kit (K-150A) bộ kit đèn phòng chụp

Mini Master Kit (K-150A) bộ kit đèn phòng chụp

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Model: K-150A flash power (WS): 150 Flash Index: 42 Power Control: Stepless Recycle time: 0.5 ~ 3s modeling lamp: 75WS Color Temperature: 5600K ~ 5800K trigger mode: sync cord / light control synchronous induction / trial Flash button Power: AC200V ~ 240V (can be customized 110V)
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Xuất xứ: Bộ kit đèn Studio Godox 3 đèn 150W
Tình trạng: Hết hàng
Giá khuyến mại: Liên hệ
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Tư vấn mua hàng: (024)3726.5555 (8:00AM - 19:00PM các ngày trong tuần)

Elf flash ...... 3

Stand 304 ( 2M ) ...... 3

Black Silver Reflector Umbrella UB-002 33 "...... 1

Umbrella White.....2

Studio Flash Trigger RT-16 ..... 1

Kit CB-04 ...... 1


Cassidy Studio Flash K-150A Usage:

Use, first plug the power cord, then press the "POWER" main power switch, then the red light, the main capacitor is charged, the green indicator light, then flash studio light is well prepared to do a variety of ways triggered flash. "TEST" for the Test Button. 10 knobs for the dimming button. Flash power can be adjusted from full light 1/8 optical power, widely used in portrait photography, commercial photography, clothing photography, passport and so on.

Umbra room light can also be used to do slave synchronization lights, this time without an external sync cable, as long as the umbra room lighting control receiver receives the reflected light, you can remote sync flash. You can also select the DC-2, RT02, RT04, RT16, etc. lead flashing to lead flashing this flash. You can also choose to take a joint flash hotshoe plug lines and associated common flash cord. Welcome to the Friends of the color to explore. Thank you.



Cassidy Studio Flash K-150A main parameters:




Flash Trigger Control

Manual trigger; linked flash lines, light control, lead flashing

Flash power


Flash Index (optical) ISO100/21 `2M Standard Reflector




Supply Voltage

AC180 ~ 250V

Flash Power Control

Promise 1/8 - all-optical



Modeling lamp

50W. Non-dimmable


165 X 107 X 107mm

Recycle time

0.5 ~ 3S



T = 0.5, the flash duration



Use bully Studio Flash K-150A Note:

1, use a good grounded power; 2, disconnect the power when not in use; 3, use high temperature softbox;

4, do not in the cold, damp or high temperature environments; 5, the product has a high-voltage, non-professional non-demolition;

6 Do not touch or look directly at the flash tube; 7, product failure or damp, subject to repair professionals only after continued use;

8, maintenance or cleaning, please disconnect the power supply; 9, do not let children play with the machine

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