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  • 1. With moderate weight, it is an ideal companion for your camera during travelling 2. Can adjust into Monopod to use in a certain terrain 3. Equipped with compass, it can install into the tripod to make it as a climbing stick 4. Adopt oxidation resistance coating, anti-corrosion and durable 5. Ultra sponge makes the tripod more comfortable to hold 6. Gravity hanging system, more stable to use in windy day 7. Inverted Macro shooting design 8. Dual Rotating locking system with metal dustproof ring 9. Magnesium aluminum alloy trident, anti-slip and better shock absorption 10. 360°Pan-shot PTZ 11. 60MM king size quick release, equipped with 6pcs anti slip rubber pad 12. Dual spirit level for better and accurate shooting effect Bảo hành: 3 tháng
    Xuất xứ: Tripod Manbily AZ-310
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    Tripod Manbily AZ-310
    Tripod Manbily AZ-310

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