Đèn LED Video Yongnuo YN-300

Đèn LED Video Yongnuo YN-300

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Light Source: 300 LED lamp illumination angle: 55 ° Color temperature: 5500K Average life: 50,000 hours CRI: greater than or equal to 90% Remote control distance: more than 8 m power: 18 W Weight: 725g Lumens: 2280 LM volume : 173 * 153 * 43
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Xuất xứ: LED Video Yongnuo
Tình trạng: Hết hàng
Giá khuyến mại: 850.000 đ

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Yongnuo YN-300 Video Light


Yongnuo YN-300 LED video light , which consists of 300 oversized light-emitting chip LED lamp beads constitute, brightness fully meet the needs of a variety of environments; it uses encoder digital dimming mode, dimming accurate, reliable, and will not long-term use led lights jitter and other undesirable phenomena; addition, it also has automatic brightness control, wireless remote control to adjust the brightness and other powerful features.

1, YN300 uses 300 high-quality large-emitting chip LED lamp beads, higher brightness, spot more uniform and longer life.

2, yn300 using encoder digital dimming, can be divided into coarse and fine adjustment mode, use more convenient.

3, built-in light-sensitive chip, according to the ambient light intensity automatically adjusts the brightness of the video light.

4, configure infrared remote control, you can adjust the brightness from the machine and switch.

5, a professional LED driver chips, light stability, high efficiency of 93%.

6, can be installed on the camera to use, and can handle handheld use.

7, the configuration 4 Color plates, suitable for different environments.

Installing the battery 
  mounting direction of the arrow when the lithium battery into the slot. 
Applicable Battery: Sony NP-F Series 
NP-F750 NP-F550 NP-F950 / B NP-F530 NP-F970 NP-F970 / B NP-F570 NP-F770 NP-F960 NP-F930 NP-F930 / B NP-F950 NP-F330 
NOTE: It is recommended to use more than 4000mah battery capacity, this capacity battery can be used at maximum brightness for about 90 minutes, 2200mah capacity at maximum brightness can be used about 40 minutes, 5800mah maximum brightness can be used in about 130 minutes without Remove the battery when using 
disassemble the lithium battery, please press the battery lock button, and then remove the lithium battery (please press the battery lock button)

Remote control dimmer mode 
   a, multifunction products supplied infrared remote control can adjust the brightness and switch the product, the product before and after each one red external device, the remote control at the front or back of the product can be adjusted, remote control distance is greater than 8 m. 
   b, with multi-function infrared remote control can also control Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax with infrared receiver function SLR cameras.

Light Source: 300 LED lamp     
illumination angle: 55 ° 
Color temperature: 5500K                 
Average life: 50,000 hours 
CRI: greater than or equal to 90%  
Remote control distance: more than 8 m 
power: 18 W  
Weight: 725g 
Lumens: 2280 LM  
volume : 173 * 153 * 43 
Contents: video light (1), multi-function infrared remote control, (1), the handle (1), light foot (1), pouch (1), mini stand (1), manual (1), color temperature plate (4)


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