Godox SA-K6 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit Softbox Filter
  • Godox SA-K6 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit Softbox Filter
  • Godox SA-K6 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit Softbox Filter

Godox SA-K6 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit Softbox Filter

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Godox SA-K6 6 in 1 Speedlite Accessories Kit Softbox Filter Reflector Diffuser


Remarks: Speedlite is not included




Godox 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit is used to get different light effect. With this kit, the flash gun can be got maximal use of and the lightweight and compact size features make it easy to bring it everywhere when you are traveling, useful!! It includes following products:


Softbox - Softed and even light distribution
With Softbox, light will be soften and the contrast will be lowered in the photo, make the picture much comfortable to be seen

Flash Color Effect Filter Kit - For different setting 
There are 7 color filters ?Medium Yellow, Bright Red, Just Blue, Full CT Orange, Half CT Orange, Quarter CT Orange, Full plus Green, You can select single or combinations color of these filters for different scene.

Honeycomb- Precise and direct light output 
Light can be much concentrated and precise when honeycomb applied on the flash gun. It helps to generate extraordinary effect to the picture.

Foldable Light Beam Snoot - concentrate the light 
This snoot is to create a particular focus on a small still life object. The effect is better if you shoot under off-camera mode.

Flash Reflector Diffuser- silver and white reflector sides 
Helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect.

Flash Holder Type E- speedlite/umbrella bracket
Hotshoe clip design for quickly mounting flashgun; 1/4" and 3/8" socket can be changed of the base for tripod or light stand through turning the inside gold stuff



Package contains:
  • 1 x Softbox: 20CM*15CM
  • 1 x Mini Reflector: 17CM*14CM
  • 1 x Honey Comb: 8CM*4.8CM
  • 35 x Color Filters - Size: 8x4CM ; 7 Colors, 5pcs per color, as following:
    Medium Yellow
    Bright Red
    Just Blue
    Full CT Orange--Color Temperature: 6500K-3200K
    Half CT Orange--Color Temperature: 6500K-3800K
    Quarter CT Orange--Color Temperature: 6500K-4600K
    Full Plus Green
  • 1 x Snoot: 29CM*27CM
  • 1 x Speedlite Holder
  • 5 x Sticky Magic Tapes

Godox AS-K6 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit Softbox Filter Reflector Flash Holder


Detailed Product Description


* and easy-to-use 
*6-in-1various lighting effects

Product Description:

Helps achieve better lighting effects and adding more inspiration to your photography

Convenient & easy-to-use mounts quickly via velcro straps



1-Velcro strap

1-Honey comb

1-Mini reflector


1-Color filter


1-Speedlite Holder


Honey Comb

Model: HC-01

Size: 86*54*12mm

Enables light to emit invarious directions and focus ona smaller area

Produces smooth and natural transition and contrast lighting and shading effects


* Compact & lightweight design

* Mounts nicely in front of your speedlite with Velcro strap

* Fits most hotshoe-mounted speedlites in the market


Mini Reflector

Model: MRF-01

Size: 17*14cm

Double-sided design provides double-effects

Produces natural white diffused & sliver bounced lights


* White diffuser and silver reflector in one panel

* Attaches & Detaches easily and quickly using an anti-slip Velcro strap

* Fits most hotshoe-mounted speedlights in the market


Model: SB1520

Size: 15*20cm

Designed to increase the quality of light enlarge the luminous area of light source eliminate harsh light to create softness and spill light from all directions


* Folds flat uninstalls quickly and carries easily

* Adjustable Velcro strap offers quick installation

* Window openings on two sides allow multi-dimensional bounce light

* Double layers in the middle durable softbox linings and more even illumination


Color Filter


Size: 39*80mm

Colorizes lights to adds colors to your photography

ADjusts color balance tooffer ideal lighting source

Perfect for creating professional and innovated pictures


* A selection of 7 common colors 5 pcs of each color subsequent use

* Seven colors: full CT orange 1/2 CT orange 1/4 CT orange medium yellow bright red just blue full plus green

* Fastened by Velcro and rubber band easy touse

* Included filter holder fits most hotshoe-mounted speedlites



Model: SN3030

Size: 31*26.8cm

Converge the light toa very specific area to highlight objects and increase the brightness contrast

Creating more lighting and shading effects


* Foldable light beam cloth with white diffuser

* Easily attaches to flashes securely withVelcro strap

* Suitable for most speedlites in the market


Speedlite Holder

Model: E Holder

Very usefil tool multi-functional and easy-to-use firm and durable convenient and portable

For connecting a speedlite trigger and light stand


* Miniature design with great portability

* Compatible with all hotshoe-mount flashes excluding Sony & Minolta flashes due to different flash shoe socket

* Fits all light stands with 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ screws

* Facilitates the umbrella and flash to revolve in different angles


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